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Cookie Policy

Definition and usage of cookies A “cookie” is a small piece of information that is stored on your device (such as your computer) and which records the way that you use a website so that, when you revisit that website, CANNY can provide tailored options based on the information that has been collected from your last visit. Cookies can also be used to analyse traffic and, in some cases, to provide you with tailored advertising and marketing.Except for essential cookies (described below), users of CANNY websites are asked to accept cookies when visiting CANNY websites for the first time. Alternatively, where a user has set his/her browser to warn him/her with a message for each cookie, only those cookies that have been accepted will process Personal Data. Whilst essential cookies are necessary to run CANNY Websites, the rest are not compulsory and require your consent.Following are the broad categories of cookies used on CANNY websites:

Essential cookies: These cookies make CANNY website operation work and therefore they cannot be turned off or rejected. These cookies do not gather any information about you and do not have the ability to remember how you have used our website;
Performance cookies: CANNY use these cookies to help analyse how its website is used and to improve its performance. For example, CANNY use them to understand where visitors to the CANNY site are based, how many people visit the website and which sections of the website are the most used;
Functionality Cookies: These cookies allow CANNY website to remember if you have previously visited the CANNY site or the choices you made (e.g. language preferences) to provide a more personalised online experience.
Third-Party cookies: These cookies collect information from your device and perform tasks that analyse behaviour and collect other information, such as demographics. These cookies may be used to provide you with personalised advertising.

Third Party Marketing Cookies and Social Advertising

CANNY has relationships with online advertisers and social media networks. These partners use cookies and similar technologies for marketing purposes and may serve you with targeted advertising about CANNY services while you are on their website or mobile applications, at our request and only with your consent. You can choose to decline the Third-Party Cookies that enable this type of marketing at any time by not accepting the cookies when visiting CANNY websites. We encourage you to learn more about how companies use advertising on social media and how to adjust your marketing preferences by reading their privacy Statement.

How to manage cookies

Our Performance, Functionality and Third-Party cookies are not strictly necessary for our website to work but will provide you with a better