Transfer money across continents, through the convenience of messaging and with the ability to track and trace.

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Canny Pay Features

CannyPay Marketplace Icon

Payments Marketplace

A marketplace empowering users to choose the payment provider best for them, by comparing and processing local and international options.

CannyPay Consumer Payments

Consumer Payments

A service that uses pre-filled account details and an FX marketplace to make sending money to friends and family fast and inexpensive.

CannyPay Business Payments

Business Payments

A platform built on a payments marketplace to create a new flixible way to make invoices and payments while saving time and money.

The smart choice to receive and make payment

Create Invoice or Request

Create and send payment request; get paid fast.

Embed a payment link

Get indicative FX rate at the time of sending the request, get paid more.

Send invoice or request

Convenience of sending the request via email, SMS or WhatsApp.

Click to make payment

Track and trace, Track in real-time whether your request gets sent, viewed and paid.

Select preferable provider

Option for remitter to select from multiple providers, opportunity to get the best.

Pay an invoice or request

Wider currency coverage, get paid from anywhere in the world.

How it works


Invoice-To-Pay with global payments marketplace

Request to Pay

Now it's super easy to ask from money from anyone in the world

Simple, Fast Onboarding

No lengthy form filling. Automated data fetch & real-time KYC checks.

A Canny way to send money

Simple & Fast way to send money aborad. No. More googling for best prices.