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Embedded Global Payments Marketplace

Easily increase revenue engines and improve services with the canny's modular financial platform and marketplaces.

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The Canny Cloud

A modular service with three core solutions

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A user-friendly platform that onboards customers, aggregates data and provides insights.

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Send Money

A marketplace for comparing and processing international money transfers.

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Receive Money

Request to Pay / Invoice to Pay for global payments receivables.

The Canny Cloud

End-to-end service taking the pain out of dealing with cross border payments for your paying and receiving customers.

User-Friendly Onboarding

Streamlined user journeys, the secure aggregation of data and an ecosystem that means users only need to onboard once across all CannyCo providers.

Canny Pay Solutions

A payments Marketplace enabling sending money at the best rates, with built in invoicing, requests to pay and instant payments.

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AI-Driven Data Analysis

An enhanced dashboard showing an AI-driven overview of financial data providing insight into user's financial trends.

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End-to-End FX platform

A comprehensive platform to launch and manage cross border payments business.

Our Partners & Alliances

RationalFXAFEXTechnoplatUniversity of EdinburghFintech Alliance
Bank Buddy.AINexolinkHCL TechnologiesVirtusaIDBI Intech

Frequently Asked Questions

About the company

The all-in-one partner helping to develop revenue engines while reducing expenses.

Our ecosystem makes it easy for businesses and customers to save time and money. The modular nature of our platform enables Fintechs to easily embed one or more of our products.

  • Friendly onboarding for users
  • Marketplace for exchange rates
  • Integrated payments processing
  • Making receiving money simple
  • AI-driven analysis of their data
CannyCo logo with dots symbolising data, interconnected with curved lines, forming the shape of a letter C

The CannyCo

We believe everyone should have the tools to make smart financial decisions which is why we're creating a user-friendly platform that provides cost-effective insight and choice.

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